Rally no 2:

29th March - 3rd April


Hatton, nr Claverdon, Warwickshire,
CV35 8XA
Attraction: Hatton Shopping Village and Antique Market, childrens play area.

WCCC Annual Rocket Competition.

See venue website for further information - hattonworld.com
Directions: From M40 J15, take the A46 towards Coventry and leave at the first exit onto the A4177. Follow the brown tourist signs for Hatton Country World.

Watch for WCCC signage.

Rally Officers: Nigel & Jo Bradley
Asst Officers:  
Rally Report: Report submitted by the Wood family (Worcestershire Centre)

"I'm so glad we've got a 4 wheel drive with this rain coming down, Hatton rally field can get a little wet" ... my words as we drove on the M40 in torrential rain. We started well with a 35 minute journey that only took 90 minutes to complete due to heavy traffic. Hatton was just as I remembered it, as was the damp rally field. Turning into the gate we got a whole 50m before all came to a stand still, clutch still out at low revs with all 4 wheels turning gracefully as they should, but going nowhere - what was it I was saying earlier about being glad we had a 4 wheel drive?
Up the field comes the cavalry, another 4x4, many thanks for the gallant effort to get us out, reversing up to us and connecting a tow rope, "...is he stuck as well?" Two 4x4's stuck, oh dear. After pondering for a while Jo got the troops together, and with some person power, the two 4x4's were free. With the help of our motormover and person power we all managed to turn the caravan around, re-hitch and we were off the rally field. Luckily for us there was one space left on the staff car park we were able to use, hooray. I can't thank everyone enough for the help given to us especially knowing the conditions their caravan pitches were in. It was a shame the weather was so bad that some ralliers called it a day and went home at various times during the weekend. I can't blame them one bit, we nearly went home ourselves on Thursday evening. Hats off to the ones that stayed until Sunday in those conditions. Hatton did a splendid job with the smallest tractor they could find which incidentally dwarfed every other vehicle around, boy was that big.
After pitching up we were wondering why the sun had come out at 8pm to discover we had parked straight under the car park security light, mind you we left the roof blinds open and saved loads of battery life by not using our lights.
Friday there was a hot cross bun get together, Jo got the hot cross buns together and walked to each caravan handing them out, well done Jo they were very nice. We spent the afternoon at Hatton shops and market where we found samples of cheese and a vegan drink taster. A nice Wildlife Trust lady spent a good 10 minutes with us before we said we didn't want to join. A nice cake and coffee in the restaurant before heading back to the caravan.
Saturday weather wasn't too bad so we had a nice walk down Hatton Locks and Bradley watched a boat go through 2 locks which at 5 years old was very exciting. Cake and coffee at the cafe and a walk back across the very sodden rally field for a chat in the mud with fellow members. Jo and Nigel informed us the rally would close on Sunday and looking at the forecast for Monday we were in full agreement.
Sunday dawned cold but dry, flag was held by our caravan in the staff car park and Bradley left with even more chocolate to eat after showing off his Easter bonnet. We got everything ready to go before spending the day in the animal and adventure park. On the tractor trailer ride we saw a new born lamb trying to stand up. Bradley held a 4 day old chick which he said was very cute many times over. All muddy ralliers were recovered and hopefully recovering from their weekend of muddy feet and we left at 4.30pm. For us it was a great rally though we were very lucky having a car park pitch. Our thanks to everyone on the rally for the help and friendliness in very hard conditions. Well done Jo and Nigel, a remarkable job considering the weather, this one will be remembered and hopefully laughed about for a long time.

Trevor, Angela and Bradley Wood

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