Rally no 7:

21st - 23rd April

Torton Farm, nr Hartlebury

DY10 4HX
Directions: From Kidderminster, take the A449 towards Worcester. At Black Bridge traffic lights, turn left onto the A450 and site on the left after approx 100 yards.

Watch for WCCC signage.

Rally Officers: Paul & Hazel Charlton
Asst Officers:  
Rally Report: Report submitted by Kevin Mills (Worcestershire Centre)

I am here in Wrenbury on yet another rally in the unusual position of volunteering to write a rally report. I have to say a very eventful rally took place with lots of activities, some pre-planned and some not so much.
Friday evening started with an invite to socialise in John’s caravan. We arrived at our convenience to be offered home made wine from a very nice choice. I believe it was a Shiraz that started the ball rolling, and very nice it was too. Eventually the whisky was produced and from there on things get blurred. One ralliers memory was so blurred she didn't even remember leaving the caravan. Enough said.
Saturday morning found time to search on the internet for a replacement caravan window, which I have been doing for the last 4 or 5 years. Unbelievably one pops up, same year, same model, competitive price and 10 miles away. Needless to say I was in my van within minutes heading to investigate. I arrived at Halesowen, where after a five minute rummage, said window was presented to me gleaming like new. SOLD (to me). Upon returning to site (still pre 10am), I went to pass on the good news to our rally officer, who replied " .. We'll fit that in a bit". Sure enough within an hour, my window was removed and the replacement fitted. Many thanks to all who came to assist in whatever way possible.

Having caught my breath, before I knew, it was time for cream tea prepared by Hazel, including home made scones (please note not scons ... I'm from Derbyshire you know). Along with the sun shining, all very enjoyable.
Sunday at flag we were judged upon our handy craft skills, having been asked to manufacture something from a piece of wood or some lolly sticks. It has to be said that Hazel excelled with her demonstration landscape art, but couldn't enter ... so then Geoffrey wiped the board with his creations, both in the quiz and handy craft divisions.

All in all a very nice weekend with a lovely little group of people.

Report by Kevin Mills

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