Rally no 31:

9th - 11th Sept

Top Barn Farm, Holt Heath

Marshals: Kevin & Debbie Mills - on behalf of the senior committee
Asst Marshals:  
Rally Report: Report submitted by Geoff Heal (Worcestershire Centre)

Friday on my way to this, (only my second rally with the WCCC), it dawned on me that where it said “Look for the WCCC signs,” I didn’t know what a WCCC sign looked like. So I pulled over on the Top Barn Farm driveway just before the RAB and was confronted with a shed load of signs, none of which meant anything to me. Just then, a caravan passed me, I thought "use your initiative", so I followed the van and ended up on the other rally !!

Finally sorted, we were welcomed by Kevin with a hot drink as we set up. It was dry with a good if not misty view over the hills. Saturday came with the predicted rain all day, but we were spared during the afternoon for hot drinks and beautiful looking cakes in the marquee, where the 2017 rally nominations were very well ran by Joy. Of the 44 rallies, 32 were agreed by the second pass and I see on the web, this may now be just a couple left to agree.
Sunday arrived with a complete change, the sun shone with clear skys for the flag and the rest of the day. Finally, I’d like to thank all those involved in the Sunday afternoon entertainment; there was a short power lifting session, followed by a practical demonstration of ‘How to wire the new 13 pin towing plug’ and finally to round off an enjoyable rally there was a short guide of ‘Panel beating for beginners’.
Thanks to all who joined in to these events and thanks to Deb, Kevin and the committee for running the rally.


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