Rally no 11:

6th - 8th May
Furlong Farm, Ripple, nr Tewkesbury

GL20 6EU
Attraction: VE Day Celebrations
Marshals: Ash & Jill Nicklin
Asst Marshals: Stuart & Jo Viney
Rally Report: Report submitted by Tony Manton (Worcestershire Centre)

Hi folks.
Arrived Friday about 7pm and went through the settling -in procedures; unpacking, levelling, etc., (in my case, meeting faces, old and new, and generally walking around with hands in pockets), by which time it was of course beer-o’clock. The field was on a slight incline, enough to provide good drainage but well within manageable limits for caravanning and reasonably secluded. Worth the visit I’d say for the scenery alone; a splendid view of the Malvern Hills to the north-west, complimented by a relaxingly rural location in general.
Late Saturday morning a posse was formed and after negotiating a few minor obstacles and enjoying a leisurely stroll through Ripple village, navigated it’s way unerringly to the nearest pub, in this case the Railway Inn. The Railway Inn itself is reassuringly rustic with “ye olde” oak beams and an overall country pub atmosphere. Surprisingly, it boasts its own skittles alley which some of the juniors, (the pub is junior friendly), made use of.
On Saturday afternoon the juniors magicked up some face-paints and set out in search of customers/victims. Pretty soon faces all over the venue were sporting colourful, (and I should say very neatly painted), hearts, snowflakes and flags, (in some cases a mixture of all three).
There was also a local bazaar thingy held at the village hall, right next to the site entrance, serviced with refreshments and a raffle/prize draw and well attended by locals and visitors alike.
The weather was on its’ best behaviour; mostly warm and sunny apart from a sudden and brief downpour on Saturday, which had everyone dashing for shelter but fortunately didn’t last very long. This meant that barbequed food was the rule rather than the exception for this rally, yay!
Thanks go to Ash and Jill for a well organised and friendly rally

Grampa Tony

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