Rally no 20:

24th - 26th July

Little Merebrook Farm, Hanley Swan

Rally Report: Report submitted by the event marshals, Martyn & Lesley Tanner (Worcestershire Centre)

This report differs from the traditional ones, in that it is being submitted by Lesley and I, who were the Marshals for the rally.
We arrived at the venue late on Thursday evening, to give us a little more time on Friday to set up the flag, put out the signs etc. The weather was calm and dry - a good omen perhaps for the following 3 days? How wrong could we be! 2 am Friday morning came that dreaded sound on the caravan roof ... the rain had started! Rain that didn't ease off until about midnight. Still, nothing to worry us seasoned caravaners eh!!
The first ralliers arrived just after mid-day. They were new meeters with the 'Worcesters', but were soon pitched up and tucking into coffee and doughnuts that we had provided to welcome people.
Unfortunately, despite having around 15 or so outfits booked on, we ended up with only 7! It seems the rain had dampened people's ambitions a little, so they had cancelled.
Saturday morning dawned, and the weather had changed overnight - blue skies, sunshine and a light breeze. Perfect for all those who ventured down to the steam fayre. Record crowd numbers attended, and what a fantastic day it was. It more than made up for the rain on Friday.
Sunday morning dawned ... and yet again, there was the pitter patter of rain-drops on the roof! Rain that got heavier as we approached time for Flag. However, we decided it was unfair for us to expect our fellow ralliers to stand and get soaked again, so everyone managed to squeeze into our 2.6 metre wide porch awning!! Is that a first we wonder?
We would like to thank all of those who turned out for the rally, and in particular our visitors from the Midland Centre, who outnumbered the Worcesters.
This is a good venue, close to the steam fayre, and it deserves support.
Thank you to the landowners, Mr Mrs Bunn, who made us very welcome.
Martyn and Lesley Tanner

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