Rally no 19:

17th - 19th July
Astley & Dunley Village Hall, Astley, nr Stourport

DY13 0RE
Rally Report: Report submitted by Colin Morgan (Worcestershire Centre)

The week-end at Astley and Dunley village was great. Sunshine as we arrived and a little time spent enjoying it before going into the hall for a quiz evening. Claire had prepared the questons and Howard was quiz master, it caused quite a bit of rivalry between teams and fun too with Howard popping in a joke or two. To finish the evening off, certain ladies (no names mentioned) decided to dance while everyone sang happy birthday to Christine.
Saturday was free and easy for most of us, while the marshals and helpers prepared food and decorated the hall ready for the 21st birthday party that evening.
7pm saw us all ready to join the family and friends of Christine, who had arrived to celebrate her birthday. A lovely buffet had been provided and a male vocalist arranged to for our entertainment. The whole evening went well and a great time was had by all, especially CHRISTINE.
Sunday and time to go home.
Flag was held at 12.00 (noon) and a buffet lunch was served.
Thanks to Mike, Sue, Christine, Claire, Margaret, Mal and Nick.

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