Rally no 17:

3rd - 5th July

Glendale Farm, Chatley

Rally Report: Report submitted by Joanne Viney (Worcestershire Centre)

When I arrived on Friday, our outfit was setup and ready for a 'free and easy' weekend, so thanks to Stuart for having the day off.
Friday night we had the most amazing thunder storm, (even though we never saw it, but heard it). Some of the caravanners had their blinds open watching, but weather on Saturday morning was hot, some of us in fact got burnt.
Saturday, all the Golfers got ready and set off to play for Taff Manley's Trophy, while some of us stayed at site. Some of the Juniors, plus Warren and Chris Turner, did a spot of fishing in the afternoon, (resulting in Warren catching the biggest fish), before the Juniors ran a cake sale, of which all the cakes were home baked. There were also hot drinks, all proceeds being for the Junior's charity; thanks to Angie and Julian for the arrangements, plus special thanks to all those who supported and bought cakes etc.
Later that day, we had the paddling pools out, which as usual resulted in a prolonged water fight, so good job the weather was quite warm.
On Saturday evening, we went to The Bowling Green for a meal with friends, (highly recommended).
Sunday morning was a free and easy before flag, where Chris (Centre Sports Officer) announced the winners of the golf, so well done to all who played and won.
Finally, the time came once again to hitch up and go home.
Thanks to all for another amazing weekend.

Thanks to the rally marshals - Barbara, Warren, Angie, Julian, Cate & Lauren xx .

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