The Worcestershire Centre Juniors

Chloe with members of the Juniors Committee

As Junior Chair, I would like to thank Cate, Lauren, Charlie, Holly, Emily, and my little sister Kaitlyn, for being part of the Worcestershire Junior Committe with me over the past year. I'd especially like to thank Dave Hall, our Junior Liaison Officer, for his dedication and commitment in assisting our small group. Unfortunately, Cate has resigned from the Juniors as age has finally caught up with her :-)

We plan on having even more fun and fundraising for our chosen charity, the Alzheimers Society. Dementia is close to home for many of our members and is especially close to the heart for both Kaitlyn and I.

On behalf of the Worcestershire Centre Juniors, I would like to thank all members for their help, participation and donations to our charity and thank you in advance of your continued support.And last, but no means least, I'd like to thank our parents for helping us to make it all happen. Thank you once again and we all look forward to seeing you on the rally field soon.

Chloe Turner.
Junior Chair.

The Worcestershire Centre Junior's ...

Chair      Chloe Turner
Secretary & Acting Treasurer      Lauren Richards
The main Junior Officers are very ably assisted by ...

Holly, Emily & Kaitlyn, plus of course the help of their respective parents